How We Work


How We Work

You See Clear is a social-enterprise based in Ottawa, Canada with the goal of impacting lives through the provision of affordable glasses. Our work is:


The global need for low-cost eyewear and ophthalmic care is significant, but organizations have been hindered in their the ability to provide glasses and treatment to the poor at a reasonable cost. For profit-seeking businesses and non-profit organizations alike, the cost of providing glasses to the poor is still too expensive to make a major dent in this global problem. To address this problem on a large scale, there is a great need to significantly lower the cost for glasses and eye treatment. By using Eyenetra's signature eye-exam technology, we will be able drive down the cost of testing and treatment by using smartphones and mobile equipment the size of a small briefcase to conduct professional eye-exams without the need for expensive equipment and personnel. 


When we began establishing the vision and goals for You See Clear, we asked ourselves the question, "How can we go about creating the greatest impact for the greatest number of people?" By analyzing this question we came to the conclusion that we had to build an organization with a sustainable business model that allows for growth and expansion. By charging clients a small fee for their pair of glasses ($2-8), we will not be reliant on donors to fund our operations, which in turn will allow for us to have more time and resources to spend scaling our organization and expanding our impact. 


Creating social impact is a team effort. We are an organization that works with many partners (see below), from governments, to for-profit organizations, to NGOs in order to create lasting solutions. We understand that creating lasting change does not come from the labours of one man or women, but through the ideas, visions, and talents of many.  


You See Clear is an emerging organization with major goals for the near future. The following timeline represents the goals that we hope to achieve within the next year: 

  • Summer 2016 - Stakeholder building, planning, research, and fundraising  
  • Fall 2016/Winter 2017 - Fundraising, establishing suppliers, and setting up business infrastructure in Afghanistan
  • Spring 2017 - Begin official operations in Afghanistan by delivering the first pair of glasses to our clients. 

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